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MUSIC STYLE: 90s, Dance

Brazilian diva by the name of Olga de Souza, known as Corona, that in 1994 ruled the charts worldwide with hit "The Rhythm of the Night". Italian dance band Corona has won fans around the world, reached 11th place on the Billboard Hot 100. Below is another of the world hits "Baby Baby" and "Try Me Out", which receive at least the same success as previous singles. Big hit in discos mainly in Europe became the song "Do You Want Me" which reached the 2nd place in the Top Heatseekers chart. In 1998 she released her second album "Walking on Music", which again recorded a disco frenzy especially with the song "Walking on Music" or "The Powe of Love", again produced by Italian producer Francesco Bontempi. In 2000, Corona releases his third album under the Brazilian Abril Music label called "Me And U". At the end of 2005 Corona presented the music with the single "Back In Time," which again reached the top positions on the Italian charts. 2006 and Olga De Souza is back with a new single that she wrote and sang "I Will Be Your Lady".