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COUNTRY: Denmark
MUSIC STYLE: 90s, Dancehall

Sannie Charlotte Carlson, 11 April 1970, Skælskør, Denmark. Whigfield, her stage-name derived from the surname of a former music teacher, made her debut in 1994 with ‘Saturday Night’, a repetitive example of banal Europop which became a huge international seller on release in September of that year, reaching the top of the UK charts and selling over 750, 000 copies in its first week of release. It was the Barcelona-based former model’s debut single, though it had originally been released in Italy in 1992. Though purists saw it as the antithesis of art, Whigfield herself merely lapped up the attention: ‘The greatest satisfaction was hearing cameramen and technicians on Top Of The Pops saying that they hated it, then afterwards hearing them all humming it.’ She appeared widely on television with her distinctive braided hair to support the single, but several commentators questioned the authenticity of the product. They pointed instead to the involvement of producer Larry Pignagnoli (formerly behind Ivana Spagna) and writer David River. The follow-up single, ‘Another Day’, adopted a similar approach to reduced effect, although it still reached the UK Top 10.

Before Whigfield, Carlson had spent several years playing in a jazz-based duo, the Whigfield Project, with her brother in Denmark (her brother publicly disowned her after the success of ‘Saturday Night’). A third UK Top 10 hit single, ‘Think Of You’, accompanied the release of her debut album. In 1995, Whigfield presented an edition of BBC Television’s Top Of The Pops, and drew a series of complaints for the revealing costume she wore. Further European hits followed during the late 90s, although she failed to break into the lucrative American market. Whigfield continues to perform from her base in Barcelona, Spain.