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Ace of Base feat. Jenny Berggren

MUSIC STYLE: 90s, Dance

Jenny Berggren is one of two vocalist sisters in the Swedish pop group Ace of Base, who have been successful worldwide since their inception in 1990.

She was born May 19, 1972, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Berggren began performing in nightclubs with siblings Linn Berggren and Jonas "Joker" Berggren in the late '80s. In 1990 they added keyboardist Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg to form Tech Noir, later changing their name to Ace of Base.

The group recorded a techno/dance demo, which while rejected in Sweden, got them signed to a record label in Denmark in 1992. Ace of Base, working with veteran Swedish producer Denniz Pop, had several hits on the Danish pop chart and soon enjoyed similar success throughout the rest of Europe.

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