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We are presenting the biggest 90's festival in Europe called 90s Explosion! There is nothing similar as that. 14 legendary artist in continual show full of hits. You will experience party that you never forget. Where? In fabulous cities as Prague and Brno. Come and feel the real vibe of 90's with artist like Haddaway, 2 Unlimited, Dr.Alban, Snap!, Ace of Base, Lou Bega, Masterboy and many more...

More info and tickets: www.90sexplosion.com

Artist booking for this festival is done by www.urbano.cz 

2 Unlimited uvod web

At the end of 2014 Fab Morvan (original member) & John Davis (original voice) joined forces after meeting in Los Angeles, where they both performed in a Music Video.

The new project is called FACE MEETS VOICE with brand new Songs, produced by well known Dj's and producers.

A Milli Vanilli Experience is a show of it's own, were they perform the classic hits, through out Germany and other countries. 


They are now available for a shows. Book the greatest hits of Milli Vanilli with Urbano. 

Booking: HERE

2 Unlimited is in the better shape then before!

Most of the project do change the members but not always the change is good. This time Ray the original singer from 2 Unlimited did pick the fantastic singer KIM, that is great choice for this worldwide known group. The energy, power of voice and show that drive every crowed crazy, this is new 2 Unlimited. 

They are available for a festivals, halls, privat and VIP shows. 

2 Unlimited 01 

Check out the new bit show >>> https://youtu.be/fyQIrHi0DLE

Not all the 90's artist stoped producing. One of them is ICE MC, that is know for his hits "Think about the way, It's rainy day" but now he is coming with brand new singl "Out tonight". Let us know how you like it ? If you want to have ICE MC on your event, let us know and we are going to help you to have a fantastic event.

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We do artist booking for any type of event. Are you planing a special club event, festival, corporate event ? We help you to get your right artist for your event. Djs, singers, groups, dancers all you need so your event is succesfull with a profit.

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  1. One of the most popular 90's eurodance group. 
  2. 90's, Retro parties are now very popular and to have them on your night is a garantee of success. 
  3. Show is made out of most famous hits "Slave to the music, Takeme away, It is love, Keep on trying" and others. 
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Great news for all the promoters and organizers, Urbano artist booking has now for your party, event available to book a worldwide know project from 90's PHARAO.

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